About Us

How We Got Started

Owner Michael Pastroet came up with the name F.O.M. Bakery & Catering while sitting in church one day. He says suddenly, it came to him…Fishers Of Men, F.O.M. And in August of 2004, F.O.M. Bakery & Catering came to Slidell.

Michael’s resume reads like a who’s who of great New Orleans area restaurants. He’s worked for Commander’s Palace, Artesia, Zoe’s Bakery, Bacco’s and Carmello’s, just to name a few. He’s been cooking professionally since he was 15, and his years of experience and expertise are obvious once you taste his work.

F.O.M. Bakery & Catering serves the best cakes in town…delicious, homemade pastries every day. Dieters beware, F.O.M. Bakery & Catering serves sinfully delicious foods…no carbs are cut, no sugar is busted! Treat yourself to their daily pastries that are available in convenient individual servings, this stuff is out of this world!